A postdoc position is available. Is your expertise in biogeochemistry and/or metabolism? Are you a converted string theorist? No matter your specialty, if you’re interested and have a strong quantitative background, get in touch. Whether you like to be very abstract or very real, we have both. Some projects could involve substantial interaction with a group at the medical campus. There is a lot of interest on both sides in establishing such links; e-mail me and let's talk. 

Graduate students

We have space for one more graduate student, and short-term rotation projects are also available. Whether you're passionate about quantitative biology already, or just curious about the biophysics craze: come try it out. The projects in the group range from pure theory to data-intensive collaborations; the only prerequisites are a strong quantitative background and enthusiasm.


Are you a motivated undergraduate with a quantitative background and/or programming skills interested in doing a research project with us? Get in touch!